You can also view and download the rehearsal dates from our Events Calendar.


Rehearsal Schedule

Sunday 14th April - Summer Rehearsal 1Tarrant Keyneston2-5 pm
Saturday 27th April - Summer Rehearsal 2Tarrant Keyneston3-6 pm
Sunday 5th May - Summer Rehearsal 3Tarrant Keyneston2-5 pm
Sunday 26th May - Summer Rehearsal 4Tarrant Keyneston2-5 pm
Sunday 9th June - Summer Rehearsal 5Tarrant Keyneston2-5 pm
Saturday 15th June - Final Rehearsal and ConcertSt Mary's, Swanage2.30-10 pm
Sunday 15th September - Autumn Rehearsal 1Pimperne Village Hall DT11 8UZ2-5 pm
Sunday 29th September - Autumn Rehearsal 2Pimperne Village Hall DT11 8UZ2-5 pm
Saturday 5th October - Autumn Rehearsal 3Tarrant Keynston Village Hall3-6 pm
Sunday 20th October - Autumn Rehearsal 4Pimperne Village Hall2-5 pm
Sunday 3rd November - Autumn Rehearsal 5Tarrant Keynston Village Hall2-5 pm
Saturday 9th November - Final Rehearsal and ConcertDorford Centre, Dorchester2.30-10 pm